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21 Simple Ways To Rake In More Cash
With Any Size Opt-In Email List?

Dave Lovelace
Date: Thursday, 10:53 AM
RE: Getting Your List to Buy From You

Let' s be honest with each other for a moment.
Does your list REALLY make you money?

Would you like it to?

Maybe you're thinking you missed the boat on email marketing. Maybe you've heard that email marketing is dead.

Well, it is .. if you don't know how to do it right.

However, if you actually understand email marketing and how it works, you can write your own ticket.

Email marketing is still a extremely effective way to get folks to take action...

    • If you know how to get your email messages DELIVERED.

    • If you know how to get your email messages OPENED.

    • If you know how to get your email messages READ.

    • If you know how to get your email messages RESPONDED TO.

That's an awful lot of "ifs"!

Here Are 21 Simple Things You Can Do To Immediately
Increase Your Traffic, Responses, Sales and Profits...

Have you heard of Jimmy D. Brown? He's got this email thing down -- and I mean, really. The guy makes amazing money with his lists, and has for years. (And, he doesn't sell his soul in order to do it.)

Recently, in a "behind-closed-doors" training session for members of his subscription site, he shared 21 very simple tips for increasing profit with any opt-in list. The presentation was entitled:

"21 Inbox Tips for Increasing Your
Profit From Any Opt-In List

Here are just a few things that you'll learn (or re-learn!) by signing up for his free (you read that right) -- FREE ecourse...

  • The hands down, easiest way to get your subscribers to actually read your messages! (Tip #20)

  • The one email "trick" that has ALWAYS worked every time he uses it ... Put it to work today for a sure increase in profit! (Tip #12)

  • How adding two simple words can increase your email open rate by up to 43% more! (Tip #4)

  • A super easy way to win the hearts of your subscribers and skyrocket your affiliate commissions at the same time! (Tip #18)

  • How to take "personalization" one step further for ultra-responsive list mailings! (Tip #5)

  • The real GOLD MINE of email marketing that most marketers are forgetting about! (Tip #14)

  • The biggest mistake he's made with list marketing that has cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars...and how you can avoid it! (Tip #6)

  • A simple way to get your newsletter subscribers to actually read each issue with anticipation! (Tip #3)

  • How to out-pull other people's ads for the exact same product offer by using good old-fashioned common sense! (Tip #19)

Some of these tips teach you how to get more people to open your email; others teach you how to get more people to read your email; and still other tips teach you how to get more people to take action.

All of them are included for one reason: to help you make more money from lists.

Whether it's your list or someone's else's list, whether it's a large list or a tiny list, you'll learn how to make more money from them!

"Yeah, But WHY Would Jimmy Give
This Information Away?

That's a perfectly fair question.

Knowing that this information can literally increase your profit by hundreds or even thousands of dollars, why would he offer it free when it could easily be sold for $97.00 or more?

The reason why he's offering this information free is simple: He has NUMEROUS other email marketing products, including a $297.00 home study course that he sells, as well.

And he wants to prove (to you and other people) that email marketing still works.

Why would you or anyone else spend $297.00 to buy his home study course if you weren't absolutely convinced that email marketing is still a genuine money-maker?
You wouldn't.

So, he considers this freebie a no-brainer -- an investment in YOU. He's giving you something of great value and, hopefully, you'll decide somewhere down the road to buy one of his jam-packed courses.

That's the honest truth.

Either way, he'll prove to all of us that email marketing still makes money.

And YOU will prove it as well, as soon as you sign up below and start using these simple tactics today.

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All the best,

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Aberdeen, NC 28315